Thursday, October 23, 2014

11 months with Baby Jax

What a fun month this will be!  We are planning to take Jax to a pumpkin patch, dress him up for Halloween, and finish prepping for his first birthday party.   I really can't believe it has been almost a year since he came in to our lives.  We love watching him learn and experiencing new things with him.

Here are your monthly highlights:

  • You are still wearing 12-18 month clothes.  We have a lot of nine month pants that I can squeeze you in to, and a lot of 18 month pants that I have to roll up a ton.  Hopefully you will grow a bit more, so they will fit better.
  • Finally, you are sleeping great!!  Someone told me 10 months was her children's magic number for her kids to sleep through the night.  Well, it seems that was your magic number as well.  You go down for bed around 7:30pm and usually sleep until 7am.   You have been taking a morning and afternoon nap, both of which last about 1.5 hours.  You are such a happy boy (and I'm a happy mama) when you sleep well.
  • You have four teeth now.  We just love your "fangs" on the top.
  • This month you started pulling up on everything, and love to walk with a walker someone loaned us.  When mama is trying to cook dinner, you want to be right there with me.  You pull up on my legs and follow me around.  Sometimes you will let go for a few seconds, but then fall to your bottom.  You think it's the funniest thing, and will do it repeatedly to make mama and daddy laugh.
  • You love to eat!  I rarely hand feed you anymore, because you love to do it yourself.  For breakfast we enjoy eggs, toast, and yogurt.  For lunch sometimes we will have soup, pb&j, or leftovers.  For dinner you usually eat whatever mama and daddy are eating.  You are a bit more finicky about "green" things.  I try make you a smoothie most mornings, where I can mix in a handful of spinach without you knowing.  We are still nursing three times a day, but you have been weaning well on your own.
  • You understand the word "no."  Sometimes, to get your attention, daddy will clap when he says "no."  Now, when we tell you "no," you will clap your hands and make an angry face.  You also understand when mama says "clap your hands," and you will start clapping your hands.
  • Just this month you have started a perfect little frown face.  It's cute right now, but not the best way to greet friends or family. 
We love you Jaxson Ryder and you bring us much joy each day.
(and it is so hard to get a monthly picture of you with the sign!  Almost every one came out blurry because you are always on the move these days.)

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