Thursday, June 5, 2014

7 months with Baby Jax

This is crazy.  I'm writing my little guy's 7 month post.  Well, I feel like this past month has been a month of "almosts."  Jax is "almost" sitting up on his own (he is pretty good at it until he becomes a bit too overzealous in reaching for his Sophie giraffe),  he is "almost" army crawling (he can go in a circle, but hasn't figured out how to go forward), and he "almost" has a full head of hair again (the peach fuzz is starting to fill in the bald spots).  I keep telling everyone it gets more and more fun each day.  He is learning in leaps and bounds and it's so fun to watch this first hand.  The Lord has truly blessed our little family of three.

Here are your monthly highlights, Bubby:

  • At your 6-month appointment on May 12th you weighed 17.1 lbs (50th percentile) and measured 27 inches (75th percentile).  Doc said you looked great.
  • You are now wearing 6-9month clothes and some 12 month outfits.
  • Your hair is finally starting to grow back in (slowly but surely), and the new hair seems to be very light.  There is still a reddish tint in your hair.
  • Sleeping at night has been going much better.  You go to bed around 7:30pm and wake up twice during the night to eat.  You start your day around 7:30 in the morning.  Napping is going great! You usually take one long (2 hour nap) and two shorter (30-45min) power naps.  For naps, I simply lay you down and you put yourself to sleep.  I have noticed you like to put things over your face, so I have to watch on the monitor to make sure you don't pull your blanket completely over your head.
  • You are still perfecting sitting up on your own, and you can army crawl in a circle very well.  This month we also started having you sit in shopping carts.  Not having to carry the carseat everywhere has made it so much easier!  You love to people watch while you are in the cart.
  • You eat some solid food about once a day now.  You are really good about eating almost anything, but we tried sweet potatoes for the second time and you turned your nose up to that.  Broccoli wouldn't be your preference, but you love avocado and banana together.
  • Everyone comments on how you are such a good baby.  You are really laid back and don't mind being passed around to family and friends.