Tuesday, September 9, 2014

10 months with Baby Jax

We are in the double digits now and the countdown to one is even closer.  I really can't believe I'm starting to plan the first birthday party for my baby.  It seems like I'm writing these posts once a week.  Time really needs to slow down.

Here are your monthly highlights, Bubby:

  • We won't go to the doctor again until your 12 month check up (!!), but you are definitely looking very tall.
  • You are wearing 12 month clothes.  All of the fall/winter clothes we have for you are 18 months, so hopefully they will fit.
  • This past week has been awesome for sleeping.  I recently told daddy that I could not do it anymore.  Getting only three hour increments of sleep through the night was not cutting it for me, and I knew I'd be a much happier mama if I got some more rest.  We decided to really buckle down and help you sleep through the night. It must be working, because the past few nights you have slept from 8pm until almost 7am, and Mama feels so much better.  Thank you!  You still love sleeping on your tummy too.
  • You are usually an excellent napper.  Your go down for your morning nap around 9:15am and your afternoon nap around 2:15pm.  When it's nap time we close your blinds, turn on your fan, and you're out as soon as I lay you down.  One nap usually lasts two hours and the other only 45 minutes.  We are trying to work on making that one longer, because you wake up kind of cranky.
  • Your bottom teeth have come in really well and you are starting to get two more teeth on the top.  The new top ones are not in the middle, but off to the side.  I can't wait to see your smile when the top ones finally poke through.
  • You like to blow raspberries and crawl around with your tongue sticking out.
  • Speaking of crawling, you have the most unique crawl.  You always keep one leg bent, and kind of scoot along.  It doesn't seem to slow you down at all.  You love for people to crawl around and chase you.
  • You keep trying to pull up on things, but don't have complete confidence or strength yet.  You have started pushing up on your hands and feet.  It always makes mama nervous, because you try to do it on the wood floor and have toppled over a couple times leaving a nice little bruise on your forehead.  
  • We spent a week at a beach house in Hatteras with Mimmi and Pops this month.  While you didn't seem to enjoy sleeping in a different bed, you loved everything else; the ocean, your baby pool, swinging on the porch, exploring around Hatteras, and especially the extra attention.
  • You are eating three meals a day now.  No more purees and mashed up food for you!  You want what mama and daddy are eating, and have become very skilled at picking up pea sized pieces of food.  Now for most meals, I try to fix something that we both will enjoy.  You recently learned how to use a straw, so sometimes we will have smoothies for breakfast.  You also really enjoy eggs.  Lunch is a bit harder, because you don't seem to like cheese or deli turkey, so a sandwich is out of the question right now.  I keep offering to see if one day you will change your mind.  Fruits are definitely one of your favorite things.  You will eat all veggies, but often not very willingly.
Jaxson you are such a sweet boy, and everyday you are looking less and less like a baby.  We love having you a part of our family.  Mama is so grateful she gets to spend all day with you reading stories, singing songs, and playing with toy balls (your favorite toy right now).  Definitely the highlight of our day is when "Da-da" walks in the door and we get to spend time together as a family.  We love you Jaxson Ryder.


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