Monday, August 11, 2014

9 months with Baby Jax

9 months. Dang. I feel like Jax is quickly becoming a little boy, and he is definitely not a newborn anymore (sad face, for sure). But as the months pass by, our little guy is bursting with such personality and we literally say it a million times a day, how much we love him. Each month has brought us a new milestone that we, as new parents, just can't get enough of.  And, this month has proved to be quite eventful.

Your monthly highlights:

  • We visited your doctor for your 9 month checkup and you weighed in at 18.12 lbs (25th percentile), and measured 28inches long (75th-90th percentile). I knew you were looking quite long.
  • While you don't seem like a huge baby to me, you are wearing mostly 12 month stuff now. 
  • Your hair is still light, with a slight strawberry tint to it.
  • You still don't sleep through the night. The doctor reassured me that this is normal for breastfed babies.  You may go a couple days of sleeping 8+ hours, but you don't want mama to get too comfortable with that routine, so you have to change it up. Also, our little side sleeper has turned in to a stomach sleeper.
  • Every day this month we thought you were going to crawl. You would lunge forward into position, but then quickly sit back up. Well, yesterday, the day before your 9 month celebration, you did it! You crawled! In a very interesting way, but you still moved several feet forward. Mamas really going to have to start baby proofing now. Like, for real.
  • On August 1st, I glanced at the baby monitor and noticed you were sitting up in your crib.  Guess it's time to lower the mattress, so you don't decide to escape from your crib one night.
  • At the doctor, I asked him when we should expect to see some teeth. He joked and said "tomorrow." Well, you started crying when Dr. D was checking your ears and I spotted something on your bottom gums.  Two teeth!
  • You have started this new scrunchy face, and it's just perfect.
  • You caught a pretty nasty cold this month and it broke mama and daddy's heart to see you so pitiful. A 5 day fever, major cough, and snotty nose defiantly did not help with sleep, but thankfully you are feeling much better now.
  • You are becoming increasingly interested in solid foods. You usually eat some applesauce with plain yogurt and a dash of cinnamon in the morning, then a rice cracker later in the day, and a very large puréed dinner (black bean and sweet potato, avocado and banana, and green beans, or whatever crazy concoction mama mixed up for you). Sometimes if you are still hungry after 5 ice-cube-sized purées, you eat an entire banana or avocado. You also love to chew on pizza crust whenever we go to Ynots. We were eating dinner all together, but lately you will turn your nose up to your purées if you notice mama and daddy's food on the table. We tried giving you some bite sized pieces and you seem to really enjoy feeding yourself.
  • Last but not least, you have started clapping (especially when daddy walks in the room).  It started out with shaking both of your hands up and down, but after a week or so, you now can put your hand together and clap.  
We love everything about you Jaxson (and we still just want to "eat you up!").