Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2 months with Baby Jax

Babies sure do take up a lot of time.  But really, I don't mind at all.  I could spend all day staring at my little guy.  So when I'm not staring at Baby Jax, doing laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning, cooking, or learning how to be a wife and a mom, I'm finding a little time to write a blog post (but only once a month, it seems).
*update: this post has taken me almost 3 days to write

Baby Jax we love you more and more every day.  You are truly a gift from the Lord.  A small part of me wants you to grow up, because experiencing all your "firsts" is just so fun; but a very big part of me desperately wants your growing up to slow down because I know your sweet baby coos, chunky thighs, and gummy smiles will be gone before I know it.  It is so amazing to watch you grow and learn, and I am trying to savor all of it.

You have certainly been busy during your second month of life outside the womb.  Here is bit of what you have been up to:

  • We recently weighed you at home and the scale read close to 11.5 lbs.  You seem to be getting really long too.  We will know for sure how much you have grown at your upcoming 2 month appointment.
  • There is no way I can squeeze you into your newborn clothes anymore.  My heart ached just a bit when I put you in a 6 month sleeper and it didn't swallow you whole.
  • Your hair seems to be lightening up.  We are wondering if someday soon we might have a blue-eyed blondie.
  • You are doing better with sleeping at night, usually waking up every 4 hours to eat.  One night you gave us a 6 hour stretch.  I keep hoping that will become more regular :)
  • You now sleep in your own room at night.  Some of your naps are in your crib or in the mamaRoo, which you love.
  • Your new favorite toy is your floor gym.  You will happily play there for at nearly 15 minutes at a time.
  • Just the other day you laughed when Mama was tickling you.  You have definitely become more interactive this month and love to "chat" and smile with Mama and Daddy while laying on your changing pad.
  • Your grandparents have already started spoiling you, and even though you didn't really know what was going on, you received tons of gifts for your very first Christmas.

Baby Jax, we love you and have absolutely loved this second month with you in our lives.