Sunday, March 18, 2012

Step One

Well, we just checked off step one of our next big project.

For the past year we have talked off and on about installing new floors in the family room, kitchen, and (if we found a too-good-to-be-true great deal) the guest bedroom and music room.  We were waiting for just the perfect deal on the color we wanted.

Our waiting and searching eventually paid off.  A couple weeks ago Lumber Liquidators (or as Drew would call it, Liquid Lumberdators) had an awesome deal on cherry laminate flooring.  The price ($0.79 per square foot) seemed perfect, yet we still couldn't decide.  After pondering on that $0.79 per square foot for a while, I decided to check the Lumber Liquidators' website another time and noticed the price had been dropped to $0.59 per square foot.

I gave Drew Babe a quick call at work and we decided to jump on it.  Next thing you know, we have 40 boxes of laminate wood floor stacked in our music room.

Because of the great price, we were able to get enough to cover our entire house, except our bedroom (the carpet in there is still fairly new).

Not quite sure when this project will start, but I know we are both excited to check off the first step of saying goodbye to this:

and this:

When searching for our floor, we both liked the medium wood shades.  We settled on a cherry laminate flooring:

I'll be sure to keep you posted as we tackle this project of covering nearly 1000 square feet with laminate flooring.  We're open for any thoughts, tips, or suggestions :)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Trip to Target

I don't know about you, but I have no trouble at all finding at least one cute home accessory whenever I stop in Target.  It can be quite a problem, and that is exactly why our trips to that tempting store are kept to a minimum.

Last Friday we had some time to kill, so Drew Babe suggested we go look around Target for a little while. Despite our good intentions of simply "looking," we found a few things we really needed wanted.

I'm not sure if you remember our white horse head we previously had in the shelf above our TV.  Well, we had to say goodbye to Mr. Horse (Drew was not quite as fond of him as I was) and begin our search for another item to fill that spot.

I knew I wanted something white to tie in our newly painted white tables and for added contrast against the dark shelf.  There were plenty white figurines to be found, but we weren't really going for the a buddha, bunny, or hippo.  While patiently searching around for a couple months, we found something we both liked on our trip to Target.

Here is our new ceramic white owl in his new little home :)

We ended up finding our owl in the garden section at Target.  
Btw: in this picture you can see we finally put some pictures in the frames around our TV....certainly took me long enough!  

Another great find from Target was a wall clock, and at just $6.99 we couldn't pass it up.  We both loved the clean lines and crisp white color of the clock.  Drew found a perfect spot for it above a door in the kitchen.

The faint tick-tock sound reminds me of my grandma's house, which has probably close to 15 ticking clocks of all kinds.  While I do love that sound, especially at my Grandma's, I think one ticking sound is plenty for our little, cozy home.

Maybe someday we will really follow our rule to just "look" around Target.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

One More Paper Gift

Here is the little "paper" one year anniversary gift I got for my Drew Babe:

I found this idea, along with a free template, on this blog.  Not only was it free, but the blog also offered several different chevron stripe colors to choose from (as you can see, the chevron stripe craze has hit me as well).

The simple white frame and the dry erase markers were found at Target.

I hung the frame on a kitchen wall where we have to walk by it at least a few times a day (that way we don't forget about it).  Throughout the week we often take turns writing little notes to each other.

It's a easy, yet meaningful way to share why we love each other.