Friday, April 4, 2014

5 months with Baby Jax

Can we please slow down time, just a bit!?  I have no idea how my baby boy is already 5 months.  It really is going too fast.

Drew and I are amazed every day at how Jaxson's is literally learning before our eyes.  With all of the interaction and responses to sensory, raising him definitely gets more fun with each passing day.  He is no longer a tiny newborn, sleeping 90% of the time and eating the other 10%.  We can now make him laugh, have him grab things (like mama's hair and daddy's beard!), and he "talks" to us throughout the day.  We love having him around.

Here are your monthly highlights, little man:

  • At your 4-month check-up (March 12th, 2014) you were 15.2 lbs (50th percentile) and 25.5in long (50th-75th percentile).  Currently you have no wrists or ankles.  We simply cannot wait for you to have some little tan lines from your baby rolls.
  • You can still fit in some 3-6 month clothes, but mama went ahead and pulled out the 6-9 month stuff and it is just a tad loose on you.
  • Your hair is still getting lighter and your eyes are a pretty slate blue.
  • Sleep.  Ah, sleep.  One day, mama hopes you will figure it out.  You were consistent for a while with waking up at midnight and then 5am, which was perfectly fine with mama.  Lately though, you have wanted to wake up every 2 hours, not to eat, but just be soothed.  We are not really sure what is going on.  What makes up for it is, you are so good about going down for naps and bedtime (around 8pm).
  • You love to grab anything that is put in front of you.  With the warmer weather, you have also enjoyed going for runs in the jogger with mama.
  • We can tell you are getting stronger and trying to sit up on your own.  Probably a few more weeks and you will be there.
  • You love to smile and laugh.  You are very ticklish too.
  • Your personality is really starting to emerge.  You started a new thing where you will shriek when you are doing something you really don't want to do.  Mama has also noticed you are much more well-behaved around anyone besides your parents.  Little stinker.
  • Food has become quite interesting to you as well, and you love to watch mama and daddy eat.  We are trying to wait a little bit longer before actually introducing some avocado or sweet potato, but we did give you a piece of celery to gnaw on at dinner time.  You loved it!  Hopefully this means you will enjoy all vegetables.  

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