Sunday, August 18, 2013

A little Martin

Jaxson Ryder is his name and he is supposedly going to make his debut sometime around November 7th.  Drew and I are beyond excited, and grateful to the Lord for this little life....and we cannot wait for him to get here!

I am just now entering my third trimester, and so far I have thoroughly enjoyed being pregnant.  Thankfully I only experienced some minor nausea during my first trimester, and now exhaustion and  swollen feet at the end of the day are the only things I can really complain about (although Drew might say otherwise).

Here is a little bump update with weeks 20, 24, and 26:

We have finally cleared out the bedroom that will be Jaxson's nursery, and hopefully we can start painting within the next week. 

Here is a glimpse of our nursery inspiration:

I will try to be better about posting updates of both my bump and nursery progress as we count down the weeks until Baby Jax makes us a little family of 3.

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