Friday, February 10, 2012

Quick Update: Guest Bath

It has been busy here at The Martin House.  With school back in session it's harder finding time to keep crossing off the honey-do-list things, but I wanted to give you a little update on the few projects that are happenin' around here.

 Our guest bath definitely had a bad case of the "blahs" before I gave it a little pop of color.  I decided to cover up the sliding shower doors with a colorful shower curtain and add some art to the walls.  One day we will probably renovate the entire bathroom, but for now I just gave it a quick, easy, and inexpensive makeover.

The entire bathroom is tan, even the tile.  I knew it needed some color to liven it up a bit.

I found a funky, colorful paisley shower curtain at TJ Maxx for just $12.99.  It has my two favorite colors (blue and green, in case you couldn't tell), and looks much better than the boring sliding doors.  There is also beige/tan in the paisley pattern, so that helps tie it in to the walls and tile.

 We still had some picture frames we received as wedding gifts laying around, so I finally put them to good use.  My grandma gave me some vintage postcards with tropical scenes from Florida.  I thought they would be perfect in the guest bath, but they were too small for the frame and mat.  I rigged it by adding aqua blue colored paper behind the postcard.  It actually worked out great and makes the postcards pop even more.

On this wall I added another postcard picture, but instead of a plain mat I used the backs of several postcards.  I may have formed somewhat of an obsession with vintage/antique postcards now (at least it is a fairly cheap obsession, contrary to my other obsession with anything Pottery Barn).

Adding the aqua blue paper behind the postcards was super easy and goes great with the shower curtain.

Quick and cheap.  Those are my some of my favorite kinds of house projects.  Within the next week, Drew Babe and I are celebrating Valentine's Day and our one year (I really can't believe it has been a year!) wedding anniversary.  I will try hard to remember to take pictures (charging my camera, right now!) and eventually share with you how we celebrated.  

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