Sunday, February 19, 2012

All you need is love, love

Love is all you need, especially this week in the Martin House.  All things love have certainly been the center of attention throughout this past week, with the celebration of both Valentine's Day and our 1 year wedding anniversary.

I don't get home from class until late on Tuesdays, so we began our "love" celebration early (which was fine with me!). The Friday before Valentine's we enjoyed a 4-course dinner at The Melting Pot (a fondue restaurant we have both been wanting to visit).  Delicious!  Drew Babe also gave me some Godiva strawberry truffles. We had sampled them in NYC and fell in love.  If you have not tried them yet, you must!

That weekend we had both of our immediate families over for a luau-themed lunch, complete with real Hawaiian pineapple and BBQ sauce from Drew Babe's visit to the islands.

We both racked our brains as to how we could make the family lunch feel most like a luau in the middle of February.  Cranking the heat up and having everyone wear their grass skirts and coconut bras was quickly crossed off the list of ideas.  Dollar Tree was our hero for the decor.  I found packaging paper to use for the table cloths and bought some crayons, so everyone could put their own personal touch on the table cloth (I mean no one is ever too old to enjoy drawing on the table, right?;).  My mom let us borrow the bright and festive placemats for a pop of color.

For the centerpiece, I was planning on combining a little bundle of bamboo sticks (also found at Dollar Tree), wiring them together, and just having them stand in the middle of the table.  Even with Drew Babe's creativity and ingeniousness, we couldn't make the bundle stand up and look right.  We resulted to surrounding a candle in some vases, which we all ready had, with the bamboo sticks.  A little funky and a little tropical, all in one!

On the February 14th, Drew woke up early to prepare my breakfast and coffee, and spend some time with me before heading off to work.  On top of my coffee maker he left a box, which contained a ring that I had spotted weeks ago at a friend's jewelry party.  I had totally forgotten about it, but Drew Babe seems to always remember all the little things that I like or enjoy.  Needless to say, it was the perfect start to my morning, spending a time with my Valentine.

We visited my family during the evening of February 14th for a little Valentine celebration.  My mom also gave us our anniversary gift early: a Mr. and Mrs. mug set and coupon book (I love being a Mrs. :).

The best part of the mugs is when you get to the bottom of your morning coffee, there is a little heart!  So cute!

Right after I got out of class Tuesday evening, Drew Babe also surprised me with flowers (white roses are my favorite).  He always goes over and beyond what I could ever imagine.

JCrew headbands were my Valentine treat from my parents.  I am pretty sure I have already worn all three.  That should tell you a little something about my love for headbands.

Drew Babe got a Black Keys CD from my parents, but alas, I forgot to take a picture.

Just the other day, we received our first anniversary card from my dear friend, Caroline.  I really can't believe it has almost been a year.

Tons more to come on our 1 year celebration, so be sure to check back!


  1. I love the Mr. and Mrs. set! Mark bought me the Mr. and Mrs. Journal that goes with that set when we first got engaged! I'm SO looking forward to being a Mrs. :)

  2. I am super excited for you, Meghan! Being a Mrs. is wonderful! :)