Monday, February 27, 2012

I'm gettin' paper

Envelopes.  Check.  Paper plates.  Check.  Notecards. Check.  Napkins.  Check.  Books.  Check.

Notice a common trend?

These are just some of the wonderful (and very useful) items my thoughtful aunts and uncles sent Drew and I for our one year wedding anniversary (fyi the traditional one year gift is paper).  I was so excited to open up the packages and see them filled with various traditional anniversary gifts!

To celebrate our anniversary Drew Babe booked a luxury beach house in the Outer Banks.  He thought we would both enjoy a relaxing and quiet weekend away together, and boy was he right.  It was so nice to not have anything we had to do and no where we had to be.

I packed up all day Friday and we headed out to the OBX (just a little over an hour drive) that evening.

As part of Drew's Valentine's gift, I had been wanting to prepare a nice dinner for the both of us.  Since Valentine's week was so busy, Drew suggested cooking the meal at the beach house.  Turned out to be a great idea.

I wanted to decorate the table, so I brought all the decorations I thought could be used for the table setting.  Here is what I started with: a borrowed red table cloth from my mom, some cheap decorations from Dollar Tree, and some candles from around our house.

And here is the finished product:

And here it is with the candles lit.  We also brought along our cake from our wedding day.  I used the same "M" cake topper that was on top on 2-19-11.

Preparations for the meal began around 3pm.  The menu for the evening consisted of:  spicy balsamic roast,  crispy roasted potatoes, spinach stuffed mushrooms, roasted brussels with balsamic glaze, and heart shaped dill seed bread.  The roast recipe is from my mom, and I found the rest on Pioneer Woman and Pinterest (both such handy tools).  

My sweet Drew Babe :)

We relived our wedding day cake cutting ceremony with our year old cake.  I thought it was pretty good, but Drew simply said I would eat anything with sugar in it (I have the biggest sweet tooth ever).  Drew took one tiny bite, and quickly moved on to the homemade Ghirardelli chocolate chip cookies.

Spending time together in the quiet Outer Banks was the perfect way to celebrate our one year wedding anniversary.  I really can't believe it has now been over a year since we got married.  It goes by way too fast!

Oh, and I did get a little something "paper" for my Drew to come.
Gotta keep those traditions goin'.  :)

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