Monday, July 7, 2014

8 months with Baby Jax

These months seem to keep going by faster and faster.  I remember so clearly being pregnant last Fourth of July, and this year I have a little 8-month boy.  Jaxson brings us so much joy each day and we can't remember what life was like without him.

Here are your monthly highlights Bubby:

  • We are guessing you are around 20lbs and you seem very tall.  Your 9-month appointment will be in August.
  • You are in mostly 9-12 month clothes.  Just last week, I put you in some 18 month shorts, and they fit!  You did have on your bulky cloth diaper and maybe they were cut smaller, but I was still so surprised they didn't swallow you whole.
  • Your hair is filling in nicely.  It is making you look more and more like a little boy, not a baby.
  • You still take 2-3 naps each day, and enjoy having your blanket with you for naps.  We start your bedtime routine around 7:30pm and you go down really well.  For a while you were waking up many times through the night, and often leaking through your diaper.  Well, Granny got you some overnight diapers and they seem to be doing the trick; the past few nights you have only gotten up once around midnight.  
  • You love sitting up on your own and playing with toys.  I have noticed a few times where you will lunge forward into the crawling position, but then you slide down on to your tummy.  You haven't shown too much interest in crawling and I'm wondering if you may just go straight to walking, because you just started trying to pull up on things.
  • We are continuing to introduce more solid foods to you each day.  You usually have applesauce in the morning, sometimes a rice cracker mid-day, and then your big meal at dinnertime with Mama and Daddy.  You are an excellent eater and will eat anything I have prepared for you.  I am starting to add more seasoning and spices, and you seem to enjoy the extra flavor.  You also LOVE drinking water from a cup or water bottle.  You have learned how to use Mama's Camelbak, so we are on the lookout for a water bottle just for you.
  • Just in the past few days, you have started to say "Da-da."  We don't know if it is directed at Daddy, but it is a definitely a new sound of yours.
  • This month you have experienced all kinds of outdoor water activities.  You seem to really love swimming and being around water.  You even went down a couplet slip-n-slides and had your first boat ride.    
  • You have the sweetest demeanor and never fuss unless you are tired or extremely hungry.  Everyone in the church nursery comments on how you enjoy looking at all the other babies, and are content to just take it all in. 
We love you Baby Jax!

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