Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Another check in the box

I hope by the time we are finished with "project nursery" you will not be completely bored of it.  There have just been a lot of little steps to complete and we are steadily working at each one.  This week Drew completed all of the electrical work in the room.  This included replacing all of the yellowish outlets and outlet covers with crisp white ones, and installing a new light fixture for our little boy.

I had been looking for a ceiling light fixture for a while and, of course, everything I liked was over $100 - way more than we wanted to spend.  During one random trip into Lowe's, I decided to check out the light section and spotted this guy on clearance for $35! (marked down from $90).

I love it, and I think Jaxson will too.  Drew says the circles on the side look like baseballs, so that makes it perfect for a little boy's room.  I went with a semi-flushmount light.  It hangs down a bit from the ceiling, but we won't have to worry about hitting our head on it every time we go in the room.

Drew Babe also replaced all the outlets and outlet cover.

Much more crisp and clean, as opposed to the dingy bisque colored ones.

After a bit of cleaning, the room now looks like this.

Our next steps are the blinds and curtains rods.  I discovered a very unique curtain rod idea on Pinterest, so I am very eager to see how it turns out. Putting together the furniture might even happen this weekend too.

  • re-paint all trim
  • paint the stripes
  • paint bedroom door and closet doors
  • install new outlets and covers
  • put together the furniture
  • install blinds
  • install curtain rods and hang curtains
  • add some artwork to the walls
  • re-do entire closet
  • decorate and organize

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