Friday, August 30, 2013

The big 3-0

Little Jaxson has officially turned 30 weeks; 30 weeks in utero, that is.  I really can't believe how close we are getting to his due date.  Every day I thank the Lord for the privilege of carrying this sweet little life.  I thought now would be a good time to share some of my pregnancy details/thoughts/favorite things/least favorite things, etc.

When we found out:  On March 3rd  I woke up super early to take a test.  After seeing a few negative tests, I didn't even want wait for the results on this one.  I let Drew go see whether the test showed positive or negative.  He only saw one line and quietly came back to bed.  I had to go see for myself and noticed a faint second line.  The next test we took showed two distinct lines, meaning positive.  When we saw the heartbeat and our little baby for the first time at our appointment, we were simply overwhelmed at the goodness and faithfulness of the Lord.

Some of the best moments:  At 18 weeks, I felt Baby Jax move for the first time.  Drew got to feel him for the first time about a week later.  Some of my favorite times are when Drew will sing to Jaxson.  He always moves for his daddy.  Sometimes  Drew and I will just stare at my pregnant belly and marvel at Jaxson's kicks and somersaults.  I have also loved when Erin, the little 9 year old I nanny for, will come gently rub my baby bump and sweetly say "hi Jaxson."

Some food cravings/aversions:  During my first trimester I wanted pretty much anything unhealthy.  Vegetables and salads, which I love, were so hard to eat.  Also, fresh garlic was the worst things ever!  I couldn't stand the taste or smell.  Thankfully after my first trimester passed, I was able to eat normal/healthy again.  I haven't had any real cravings, although I was on a "Sonic Limeade with extra lime" kick for a while.

Things I miss:  The Lord has really blessed me with a fairly easy pregnancy, and I have enjoyed almost everything (so far!) about it.  I will have to admit I miss Jersey Mike's Italian subs with light mayo (this has been a nitrate/lunchmeat free pregnancy), wine (I'd love to just sit on our front porch with a refreshing glass of white zinfandel or moscato), and long, hard runs (I tried to keep up my running for a while, but then my big belly just got to be, well, too big.  Now when I try to run, I immediately feel like I have to pee.  I already to have plans to run some races with Baby Jax).  I really don't mind giving up those few little things, because experiencing the growth of this little life has been (and will continue to be!) far greater.

Maternity products I have enjoyed:  WIth my growing belly I have invested in a few pieces of maternity clothes.  I never thought I would wear the full panel kind of pants and shorts, but when I tried my first pair they felt SO comfortable.  Rainbow flip flops have been a lifesaver.  I know they are not really a maternity products, but I wear them almost everyday because they are super comfortable and supportive.  I have also enjoyed MamaMio Tummy Rub.  It smells amazing, never feels greasy, and so far has helped against stretch marks (although I'm sure I have a lot more stretching to do!).

What we are looking forward to:  Definitely meeting our son!  And starting the nursery.  My parents are coming over tomorrow to help paint the first coat.  I will leave you with a little sneak peak of what is going on in there right now, although it's not much.

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